Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday February 20, 2009

Early this morning they took mom of the ventilator for 45 min and she was able to breathe on her own. Later in the morning they started her breathing on her own at 10 a.m. with only pressure support from the ventilator and 35% oxygen.

She was able to sustain that for more than 7 hours. Her white blood cell counts have come down significantly. Mom no longer requires blood pressure medicine. They have started her back on nutrition and she is tolerating it well.

If she remains stable and progressive through the morning they will transfer her to an acute care facility to continue the process of weaning her off of the ventilator.

Thank you again for all your continued support and prayers!


  1. Dear Lisa, Jim, Josh and Melissa Thank you so much for the good news. I look forward to the news that you can have visitors. I will be first in line. We love you, Jackie and Louie

  2. Hi Lis, Jim, Josh, and Melissa,

    Love you and this is great news.


    Titi, Colin, and Nicole

  3. Clan Stephenson,
    This is great news! I wish you all the best. Keep fighting Lisa!! I will keep the prayers and positive thoughts flowing in your direction.
    Love, Jean

  4. Lis,
    You are doing so well so quickly, this is truly wonderful news. Thanks again, Josh, for keeping all of us informed of your Mom's continuous progress. We are so glad to hear of her success, she will be one step closer to coming home to all of our welcoming arms.
    You are a terrific family and we love you all!

  5. Wow, that's great news! I'll keep the prayers going that she keeps up the strength and can move on to the next step in her recovery! This was the kind of news I was hoping for this evening. Thanks so much for the updates, we really appreciate them!

    Hugs, Sara

  6. Way to go Lisa! So happy to read the great news on your progress!! Keep it up and remember Team Lisa is fighting right with you! We will keep all the prayers going for you!

    Thanks again for the daily posts!

    Carrie de Leon

  7. "Wow" is right! This sure gives all of us more faith in the power of prayer (it doesn't hurt that Lisa is such a strong woman, either). I am so happy for this progress. Keep the focus and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every day.
    Lots of Love, Leslie Davison

  8. Wow! I'm so excited on the latest news... Team Lisa is behind you all the way sending prayers and good thoughts daily... We miss you Lisa and know you are on the road to recovery!1 L

    We all appreciate the daily posts!
    Love, Lynda

  9. That is terrific and the best news I've heard in a long time! I'm so glad you are doing better, I knew you would :) You are such an amazing person, and your family is pretty terrific too. I am so thankful for these updates, you are constantly on my mind. Keep up the fight and we'll see you up and around before you know it. For the past two Fridays during aerobics my class has been sending you a "wave of strength" as we do our exercising, I hope you felt it!! We all love you.
    Love, Tracy

  10. Dear Lisa,
    I am thrilled to hear the great news today of your progress. It won't be long until we are having our coffee and scones together. Josh, thank you so much for keeping us informed. It has meant a lot to so many of us. Keep fighting Lisa and just know that so many prayers are being said for you by your friends and prayer groups here at school.

  11. Way to go go girl!! Thank you, Josh, for that great news and fro keeping this blog going. You are all in our thoughts at work and we are so happy to hear that things are improving!!
    Have a good weekend.

  12. GO LISA!!!
    This is such great news!!! The power of prayer works wonders. I am so thrilled to hear that you're improving. Josh and family, thank you for this post as my day is not complete without reading about Lisa.
    Stay Strong!
    Nancy Hoyt

  13. Dearest Lisa and Family,
    AWESOME news! Each step takes you closer to your goal! Prayers continue as your recovery progresses, and special prayers of thanks will be offered at Mass tomorrow morning.
    Much love to all of you!

  14. Lisa and Family,
    I am so excited! You are well on your way and I know you can tackle the ventilator obstacle! I can just imagine your fighting spirit now that you are less sedated!!!! Go Lisa Go! I am so proud of you and your amazing family and I am so thankful to be able to follow your progress with the blog! My prayers, positive thoughts, and thanksgiving will continue as I stand on the sidelines and cheer for Team Lisa (the front line). Funny, I always wished to be a cheerleader, and here I am! Thanks for the opportunity - hahaha!
    Nurse Judy

  15. I wish you all well and some REST! Keep up the good work, Lisa!

  16. Great Job Lisa!! I am happy to hear that you are doing so well! Wonderful news!

    Stay strong!

    Jonnelle Okumura