Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday February 7, 2009

Mom had a good night last night. Not much has changed since yesterday. The lung x-rays have come back and the status remains the same, no better, no worse. She still has fluid in both lungs. Mom has been on a ventilator since Wednesday morning and most likely will remain on it for quite a while. Previous attempts to wean her from the ventilator have been unsuccessful.

The specialists are continuing to to search for the cause of the infection. They are also continuing to attempt to wean her from the ventilator and will soon try a new treatment involving steroids in the near future. The good news is that Mom continues to remain stable and continues to fight.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support! We appreciate all the comments that you leave, we are reading each of your comments to her on a daily basis. (We are sure she can hear)


  1. Dear Lisa,
    I know your doctors are the best and your family is there taking good care of you. Keep those boxing gloves on! You are such an inspiration to the rest of us. I am thinking of you.
    Love from Donna

  2. Dear Lisa - dear friend,
    Was it just last week I was running copies at Carver? I thought you looked great so was surprised to hear that you were in the hospital. I called Debra immediately. The prayer circle never stopped - it just got stronger. I will not try to call the hospital this time but will definitely be first in line to visit when you are able. Louie, Jen, and Ryan send their love and prayers, and you know how much you mean to me and how much I love you. Jackie

  3. Hey Kid,

    I was really sorry to hear you were in the hospital. I'm coming over to Carver next week to be "Zero the Hero" in the Kindergarten classes. They have me wearing shorts and a cape. I was looking forward to seeing you, so you must get well. Just thinking about you brings back the best memories that I have as an educator. That top floor of the 500 bldg. was pretty amazing. We all knew how to teach and to have fun doing it. I have never before or since had so much fun. Well, again, I hope you get well very soon. May God bless you and your family with the peace and joy that only He can bring.

    In Him, Tim

  4. Lisa, My family and I have been praying for your speedy recovery! Continue being strong and the amazing woman you are. You are missed at school and are very needed. Know that you are loved by us, too. I'm so glad you have a good strong family helping you with their love and devotion. Rest and get better. Lots of love, Leslie Davison and family.

  5. Lisa, you are in our thoughts and our prayers. Keep fighting! You are very loved!
    Karrie, Bobby, Adam, Ryan and Brandon
    The Lourenco Family

  6. dearest lisa,
    i know it has been quite a few years, but you and your family have always been on my mind. from the moment i met you at the young age of 16, you were warm, welcoming and full of love. you are an amazing woman. my 4 yr old son and i say a prayer before bed every night and now you're part of it. stay strong.

    with love,

  7. Hi Lis,

    We love you so much. Keep strong and know that you and your family are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

    Myrna, Colin, and COlie

  8. Dear Lisa and Family,
    As you can tell, TEAM LISA is out in full force! You are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as those of many others. Know that we are here for you and any needs we can assist with. In the meantime, stay strong and know you have my support and love.
    Fight on!
    Nurse Judy

  9. Hi, Lisa Stephenson. Keep on fighting the good fight, friend. You are SO important to so many people -- big people and all those little people you and I both work so hard to serve. I know your amazing family and good doctors will make all the difference. I am keeping you in my prayers and smile each time I picture your face in my mind. You are a special human being, Lisa. God's speed in your recovery.

  10. Hi Lisa My mom told me that you were in the hospital i just wanted to say i hope you feel better really soon! I'm hopefully finally getting a new job and that means more fun little presents to drop at your office so i hope to see back soon. My prayers are with you and your family

    Stephanie Jeans Daughter

  11. Hi Lis, Jim, Josh, and Melissa,

    This is wonderful news. We are so thankful for the positive move forward.

    Love you all,

    Titi, Colin, and Colie