Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday February 24, 2009

Mom's condition took a couple of steps back today. X-rays showed that the pneumonia returned in both lungs. She has been put back under sedation to control her heart rate and blood pressure.

We have successfully initiated a transport back to the previous facility to make sure Mom's case is provided with the maximum amount of specialists and care available. Late tonight Mom will be transported back to the original hospital.

Thank you again for all your continued prayers and support!


  1. Hi guys, sorry to hear about the pneumonia being back in both lungs. I know Lisa is strong and will get through this setback. Glad she'll be with the best at the original hospital. Hang in there. I'm sure tomorrow will be a better & brighter day :)

  2. I'm sorry for the steps backwards, but it's all in the name of "the road to recovery". Tomorrow will be better. Thank you for the update.
    My love and prayers, Leslie

  3. Thank you for the updates. I know many of us check several times a day to find out the latest news. We appreciate your efforts in keeping everyone informed. Our prayer circle never stops and grows stronger everyday for Lisa! Keep fighting Lisa. Team Lisa continues to fight with you!

    Carrie de Leon

  4. Dear Lisa,
    I am right there with you in spirit. You are always in my thoughts and prayers all through the day. I am glad you are going back to the hospital where your doctors can watch you closely. You are the strongest person I know. If you could have visitors I would certainly be there at your side. I know God is hearing all of our prayers and knows how many of us need you and love you.

  5. Dear Lis,
    I echo what dear Sandy says. Just take the time you need to heal and get better. The doctors are awesome and as Jill said, you are right where you need to be to have the best care possible. I love you very much!
    Love you lots,

  6. Lisa,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Let me share a story with you. I took my 4 year old son JJ to the Amgen Cycling Tour in Escondido this past weekend. We went to go see Lance Armstrong who is riding again for cancer awareness. During our lunch I talked to him about several things, one of them being the reason Lance is back. I also shared with him about you and Teresa. He was so touched and inspired about both of your stories that we sat there in the car and prayed for both of you. It was truly an amazing experience.

    The Gutierrez Family are all rooting for TEAM LISA!

    With much love Juan, Lisa, JJ & Josh

  7. Prayers are a powerful source of strength. Lisa our prayers are always with you so let them give you the strength you need to recover. I hope your prayer quilt is with you so that you can always be covered by everyone's prayers. We appreciate your family's updates, as it would be unbearable not to know how you're doing. We love and miss you and continue to pray for your recovery.

    The Blunt Family

  8. Dear Lisa All day I will be thinking of you and the move you will be making. Stay strong and know how much you are loved. Jackie

  9. Lisa and Family,
    The power of the nonstop prayers and love will be even stronger today to help give you that extra strength you need for your move back to the hospital. Please know that we will continue to hold you all up and I know God will sustain you! You all are amazing in this difficult journey and I just pray for your continued strength and perseverance. God Bless you and keep you safe on the move.
    Nurse Judy

  10. Dear Lisa, Jim, Josh, and Melissa,

    You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Know that we love you very much and that we are here for you.

    Love Titi, Colin, and Colie

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  12. lisa,
    your strength and family haven't let you down yet, and i know that both are still going strong. you will fight this and you WILL get better! so many people are thinking of you constantly and sending their good thoughts your way. know that you are loved and never far from my mind. hang in there stephensons, you guys are all amazing.
    love, tracy

  13. Dear Lisa,
    I am glad you are so carefully monitored and so lovingly supported. This darn pneumonia is stubborn, but you are stronger. Slow and steady, Lisa. One day at a time. Know you have us all with you in thought and spirit.

  14. Dear Lisa,
    The word phenomonal comes to mind when I think of you. Know that our prayers go up for you each day. Your family and friends are amazingly devoted to your healing. Stay strong...
    With Love,
    Yvette, Bill, William and Jordan

  15. Dear Lisa & Family,
    My family continues to pray for you all each day. Prayer is such a powerful tool and your faith will continue to be your strength through the tough days. Team Lisa is with you every minute of every day! Stay strong.
    Thinking of you all constantly,
    Nancy Hoyt

  16. Hi Lisa and family
    you always take a few little steps back in life but you always take those couple more forward to compensate you are doing so well you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday.
    thinking of you and the family
    the richards and the browning family xxx