Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday March 21, 2009

Another step forward today! This morning, they de-cannulated Lisa (removed her tracheostomy tube) and she is doing just fine. She had a swallow evaluation today with dry foods which didn't go as well as hoped but they are hopeful that as her throat muscles build strength and her salivary glands start to kick in that she will be able to tolerate dry foods. Meanwhile they will start feeding her soft foods next week which should also help the process. Her spirits remain high and she is looking forward to getting home and understands that it will be a journey of many steps.

we all (including Lisa) remain thankful for the continued prayers and support from Team Lisa and all of her friends. (Lisa also wants to thank her dear friends for the special "support"):)

With Love and Thanks,

Jim, Josh and Melissa


  1. Dear Lisa,
    SWe are so happy to hear today's progress. Looking at how far you have come is absolutely amazing. I don't know of anyone who has the strength you do. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.
    We love you. Louie, Jackie, Jen and Ryan

  2. Wow Lisa you're amazing!! Take each step one at a time and soon you'll be drinking tea and eating scones...your in our thoughts each day!!We're so grateful for the daily updates, I know what a task it is to keep this up.. but we all anxiously await the blog.. take care and keep getting stronger my friend, Lynda

  3. Dear Lisa,

    Yeah!! You are such an inspiration to everyone. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. You are simply amazing!

    Lots of Love to you!