Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday March 11, 2009

Mom had another good day today. She has now completed 11 of 19 stages of weaning off the ventilator. Mom was able to sit up a couple of times today. She has continued working with the Physical and Occupational Therapists daily. Today Mom's oxygen level was lowered down to 21%. This is the same percent of oxygen that we breathe without the asssistance of a ventilator.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers!


  1. Hurray for Lisa! You're fight is amazing and a positive inspiration to everyone that knows you.

    Thanks to the entire Stephenson family for your continued updates.

  2. Yea Lisa, I knew you could do it. Can't wait to see you:-)
    Lots of love.
    Yea to your family too for doing such a great job of keeping us all updated on your status.

  3. Good. Just keep looking forward. You're all wonderful people and the love you show to each other is such a pleasure to witness. Lots of Love, Leslie

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Once again you are proving how amazing you are and what strength you have. You are moving along at such a fast rate now. I am happy to hear that you are needing less and less help to breathe. Pretty soon you will be going up and down the halls of the facility. My thoughts are with you all the time.
    Love and prayers,
    Sandy Saldano

  5. Dearest Lisa and Family,
    Mass offered yesterday in thanksgiving for the continued progress. Keep it up, Lisa--I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful smile and giving you a long-awaited hug! Thank you so much for keeping us informed. It means so much stay connected.
    Continued prayers and positive thoughts,
    with much love from Monica

  6. Wow Lisa! You are doing amazing! Keep up the good work!

    Thank you to your family for the updates! You are all amazing!

    Team Lisa is cheering you on!

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  8. Dear Lisa, Jim, Josh, and Melissa,
    We are so proud of all of you. Continued prayers and lots of love, Louie and Jackie

  9. Lisa and family,
    So glad to keep getting positive reports everyday. Go Team Lisa!
    Kathleen J.

  10. Think of you every day, Lisa. So very happy to hear of your continued improvement - YAY! You are really something. Hugs to you all!

  11. You are amazing - all of you! The prayers continue!
    Nurse Judy