Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday March 2, 2009

Mom had a good day today. Today they continued weaning trials throughout the day. In addition to four hours with just pressure assist, she had two hours on c-pap, which is basically oxygen flow only. In addition, Mom's white blood cell counts have continued to improve. We are currently negotiating with Blue Shield to find a location for her rehab.

Thanks again for all of your continued prayers and support!


  1. That's wonderful! A little bit at a time. Good luck with the insurance thing, not that it won't go well, but luck and prayers will be sent your way :). How aware is Lisa of what is happening? Tell her she is "Wonder Woman!" I miss her, hurry up! Just kidding, (kinda).
    Love and Prayers, Leslie

  2. Dearest Lisa and Family,
    Continued good news! Lisa, we are all with you every step of your recovery, and as for the rest of the Stephenson clan--you're amazing! God has indeed blessed us by giving us the opportunity to know you, your faith, and your strength! My prayers now include that the "Blue Shield Angels" smile on you in the next step of your journey.
    Much love from Monica

  3. This is wonderful news. If and when you can have visitors, I will be one of the first standing at the door. I'll pray for the insurance people to have an open and understanding heart so they can get you into the best place possible place for your continued recovery.
    Much love and prayers,
    Sandy Saldano

  4. Dear Lisa and Jim, Josh and Melissa,
    My thoughts are with you. Lisa, continue to perservere through this. I miss you and am so appreciative of these daily updates. It sounds as though you are really regaining your strength and I know you will be back with all of us soon. In the meantime, your team is with you every step of the way.
    Love from Donna

  5. What fantastic news! Lisa keep up the fight. You are very much loved. Our prayers are still going up for you...Yvette

  6. Dear Stephensons Sounds like the recovery process is definitely going in the right direction. I hope the next move will go smoothly. You know we are here if you need anything at all. Love you, Jackie and Louie

  7. My Dear Lisa and Family,
    I am so thankful for the wonderful news of how well things are going, albeit one small step at a time. My prayers will continue with the addition that Blue Shield will agree on an extremely high quality rehab so Lisa doesn't end up back at square one. I am believing that God will intervene, and I am making myself available to help out and be one of her advocates if you need me! (Lisa will love that she has "advocates", as they are dreaded in the school setting!). As always, thank you to Jim, Josh, and Melly for fighting with and for Lisa and keeping us informed.
    All my Love,
    a thankful Nurse Judy

  8. So VERY happy to hear of Lisa's steady improvement. It's incremental, but it's progress in the right direction. I'm sure you are asking folks for rehab facility recommendations - will visualize Lisa only needing to be there for a short period. I know she and you can't wait to be home. Do take care - We are thinking of you all and send our love and best wishes.

  9. Thank you for sharing this bit of good news. My prayers continue to be with all of you. I'll be praying for a good response regarding an excellent rehab facility.

  10. Hi Lis, Jim, Josh, and Melissa,

    Great news!!

    What can I say other than we are so elated with this wonderful news. We love all of you so much and cherish the thought of spending time together again.

    Titi, Colin, and Colie