Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday March 4, 2009

Today was another good day for Mom. She continues to progress as she did yesterday. She has now been transferred to a facilty that specializes in respiritory rahabilitation.

Thank you all again for your prayers and support!


  1. Hello Lisa and Family,

    I finally figured out how to respond, thank you Josh for keeping us all updated. We are so grateful that Lisa is doing better, we are praying for her recovery daily. Please tell her how much we love and miss her!
    Robyn Lunstad and friends from Lindsey

  2. Dear Lisa,
    This is the great news we have all been waiting for. It's another big step and the next one will be out the door and back home where you belong. I hope your care in the new facility will be everything you need to get you back to being healthy once again. Hang in there and I am cheering for you, although I could never be as good with pom poms as you are. (ha ha)

    Love and prayers,
    Sandy Saldano

  3. Dear Lis, Jim, Josh, and Melissa,

    We love you.

    Titi, Colin, and Colie

  4. Yay! Another good day, thank the Lord, we are definitely doing that! You are all special people. Thank you for letting us watch these miracles unfold. This is a joyous journey (I know that there have been parts that have been far from joyous, but the miracles that are happening are almost unbelievable). Good job, again. Love to you all, Leslie

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I am so happy to hear that the transfer went well. It is encouraging to hear that this facility specializes in respiratory patients, that way you will receive the care you need. Know that we are thinking of you and love you so much!
    Lots of love,
    Julie and family

  6. Dear Lisa, Jim, Josh, and Melissa,
    I am so happy that the move went well and know that the rehabilitation will continue to go well. Stay strong. We love you. Louie and Jackie

  7. Yipee! You're getting closer back to Carver everyday and we can't wait to have you back. Miss you so much. One step closer.
    Kathleen J.

  8. Dearest Stephenson Family,
    Hurray for the continued great news! So glad that you are getting the specialized care you need to keep you moving forward. Our prayers and positive thoughts continue for all of you. We so look forward to seeing you, Lisa, back in "Cougarville." Your spirit and determination are inspirational to us all, and Stephenson Clan--keep it up! You're all amazing!
    Much love from Monica

  9. Outstanding. Keep going Lisa. You're strength is such an inspiration. Can't wait to see you!