Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday March 19, 2009

Mom had an excellent day. She has been able to sustain sufficient blood oxygen levels without any assistance from a respirator or having any additional O2 support. She is now effectively breathing on her own. The best news today was that, if her progress continues they are hoping to be able to feed her some sort of solid food tomorrow! (It won’t be her favorite from CPK, but after not having food for nearly 7 weeks, I don’t think she’ll mind!)

I know we say this every day, but please know that we truly mean it when we say thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. Mom has come such a long way, and although there are still more hurdles to overcome, we have truly seen the blessings that abound from having a strong support team. Know that you have all been an essential part of her healing, and now that she is able to communicate with us again, Mom wants everyone to know how grateful she is for all of your love and support.

With Sincerest Appreciation,
Melissa & The Fam.


  1. Yeah,Lisa!! I'm so elated for all of you...and all of us.Carver students ask about you every day. We all miss you, but just have to be patient and so grateful for the terrific progress that you have made. You are in my thoughts every day. Keep that spirit!!
    Thank you Melissa, Josh and Jim for continuing to include us in your journey.
    Love from Donna

  2. Dear Lisa,
    What wonderful news! Enjoy that food tomorrow. Love you, Jackie

  3. Dear Lisa, I'm so glad your on the mend. Team Carver is here behind you all the way... you must
    make it back soon.. I'll even do another stull for you! Your family is awesome...and were so thankful for their daily reports. Sending good thoughts and good vibes!! Love, Lynda

  4. Dear Lisa and Family, Thank you for your loving messages to all of us. We are out here cheering each of you on. What a loving family unit you are. Really an inspiration to everyone. Lisa, I am so very happy to hear that the progress is continuing each day bringing you closer to wellness. One day at a time. As always you are in my daily prayers. I think of you so often. Miss seeing your cheery smile whenever I am at Carver.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    This is wonderful news that you need no extra help and you can breathe on your own. Even if they give you just jello tomorrow, we know you like your jello so maybe that will be a good thing. When you get home we will go to CPK for lunch. Every day I just can't wait to hear the good news. I know I say it a lot, but I just can't tell you how much I care about you and how dear you are to me. I thank God every day for your continued recovery.
    Love and prayers,
    Sandy Saldano

  6. Wow! How terrific! It is just unbelievable, the progress you have made, Lisa! I am so happy that you have kept strong and have never stopped trying. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you to your family,too. Lots of love, Leslie

  7. Dearest Lisa and Family,
    So grateful for the wonderful news! God is certainly smiling on all of us with your ongoing recovery.
    I'll be thinking of you this weekend, Lisa, in L.A. @ CTA State Council. After all, you are still an honorary TALB member!
    Love, prayers, and positive thoughts continue from

  8. Dear Lisa and Family,
    I just want to thank all of YOU for allowing us to be part of this journey, difficult as it is! I am so excited to hear that you get to eat something today!!! You know how important food is to me, and that means you are definitely on the mend!!! Take time to savor these special moments and let your strength return. I can't wait to hear that you are at home, recovering even more in your own territory! Enjoy your first "taste" of freedom and your team will continue to lift you up in prayer!
    Nurse Judy

  9. Cannot begin to say how HAPPY I am to hear of your progress, Lisa!!! Slow and steady, love and prayers, one day at a time, every day a bit stronger - YAY!! That full course meal you've been dreaming of just keeps getting more of a reality as you get better!
    Love you -