Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday March 31, 2009

A relatively quiet day today. They finished her spine MRI today which took a couple of hours. No physical therapy today, they will wait until the MRI results are in before they resume. Apparently this is standard practice for PT. Lise did have speech therapy today with more swallowing exercises and she ate a half of a cup of ice and got to chew some gum as part of her therapy. She remains positive and ready to get out of her, although the process is taking a little longer than she would like!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Jim and the Kids


  1. Dear Lisa,
    I am so thankful that you have family and friends constantly caring and praying for you. Every day brings progress, and you have already taken so many steps forward. Keep up the good work. Love you, Jackie

  2. Dearest Lisa and Family,
    Being "ready to get out of here," as your blog says, may be frustrating, but it also helps you "keep your eye on the prize." We will certainly win the jackpot with you when you are able to go home! Keep up the great work--we are with you all the way.
    Much love and many prayers from Monica

  3. I am so happy to hear that Lisa is not happy that it is taking so long to get out of the hospital!!!! That means her strength and determination are in full swing and I know she is putting it all to good use!!!! I am glad that she has her fantastic husband and children with her to cheer her on and keep her spirits up! Thank you all for keeping us up to date and to Lisa for allowing us to be on her TEAM!!! I am continuing my prayers, thanksgiving, and positive thoughts and think of you throughout the day!
    Nurse Judy