Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday March 28, 2009

Lisa had another quiet day today. Weekend schedule, no Speech or Occupational therapy today and only minimal Physical Therapy because her blood pressure was a little elevated this morning. The blood pressure is now under control but Physical Therapy never made it back. We expect a quiet and restful evening and know she will be ready for tomorrow and whatever it may bring

Thank you for your constant prayers, support and interest.

Jim and the kids


  1. Take it easy, Lisa, glad to hear your blood pressure is back to normal. I forgot to tell you, Teresa asks about you all the time. She is busy enjoying her retirement and freezing in Michigan. She always sends her thoughts and prayers to you, as do I. xoxoxo Robyn

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Jen ran 15 miles this morning - still training for the San Diego Marathon at the end of May. She and Ryan are doing well and send their love and prayers your way. Louie and I think about you and talk about you and your amazing progress every day.
    Love you, Jackie

  3. It's been almost a week since I have checked my e-mail due to being out of town and then a visit from my mom. I couldn't wait to check the blog and check in on you, Lisa. I am so glad to hear you are getting stronger every day. Hang in there. I know you'll be on your way home soon. You're always in our thoughts!

    Kathy, Joe, Kendall, Kevin & Collin McCormick :)

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I am glad you had a quiet uneventful day. It gives your body a chance to rest. You have made such wonderful progress for a long time. I am sure things will pick up again after the weekend. I think about you many times a day and pray for you to have all the strength you need for every situation that comes along.
    Sandy Saldano

  5. Hi Lisa,

    We just wanted to check in to send some electronic smiles and hugs to you. Can't wait for the day when we can do the same in person. Much love to you and your family.

    Scott, Joan and Erin Tardibuono

  6. Hi Lisa and Family,
    Continued thoughts and prayers.
    Ceci, Jay and Isabela