Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday April 24, 2009

Lisa had a rough day today. She was feeling nauseous all morning which hindered her ability to do her therapy to the fullest extent. She got most of her morning therapy in but had to go light this afternoon. This has also been her first full day with no nutritional supplement through her feeding tube. She is now fully dependent on hospital food :( and she is having to take all of her meds and supplements orally.

Thank you for all your words of encouragement as well as your prayers and support.

Jim, Josh and Melissa


  1. I'm sorry you're not feeling well today. Hang in there. I'm sure tomorrow will be much better.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I can't say I blame you for feeling nauseous eating just hospital food! I know how bad that can be! LOL Hopefully your body just needs a little time to adjust to eating full time and taking those meds by mouth instead of IV. But I'm sure that this is another step in getting you home. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Keep up the great work! We are all cheering you on!


  3. Hi Lisa, I'm so sorry you've had a tough day! I'm sure it's all because of the new food and adjustments. I know tomorrow will be better and you'll be back on that horse..We so proud of you and your strong will to get better.. what else would we expect from you...??? This is all one step closer to you getting home and preparing and choosing what you want to eat...scones, scones and more scones...take care and I look forward to your daily blogs..Love, Lynda

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Tough days happen. Feeling nauseous is not fun. Give yourself a little break and pick it up tomorrow. You have made such progress! Son it will be cheese carlottes, and chocolate dessert!
    Love you,

  5. Dear Lisa,
    Your tummy is probably needing just a little time to adjust to your new routine. I hope tomorrow is better and the yucky feelings are gone. In the past when you have had a bad day the next day is always better. I'll bet tomorrow the news will be positive again. Maybe you need a little rest from all that hard work you have been doing. I'm sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way.
    Sandy Saldano

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Eating hospital food would definetly make me nauseous! Your hard work and positive spirit constinues to be an inspirtation to so many of us on Team Lisaa. I miss you sooooooooooooo much and look forward to reading about your progress every day. Thank you all for keeping the blog going!
    Love & Prayers,

  7. lisa! well you know i have a theory on that nasty hospital food!! they want you out of there, so they figure if you can't stand the food you're going to push that much harder to get out!! hehe hope you got a smile out of that. i'm confident you're taking full advantage of the therapy, so keep pushing took your muscles a while to weaken, so they just need some more time to recuperate. take care,


  8. Hi Lisa,
    I'm sorry to hear about your nausea, but I'm sure you will adjust to having everything by mouth instead of by Gtube or otherwise. I apologize for being absent most of this week. Carver 5th graders went to Camp Oakes this week and all went well. We also had Open House on Thursday with an excellent turnout. I helped "man" the 5th grade rooms because the teachers were at Camp. Yosie was out because Aidan got bitten by a spider and had to go into the hospital due to infection. I think he gets out today if all goes well. We are ALL cheering you on and keeping up our prayers, positive thoughts, and thanksgiving for all your wonderful progress. Remember, challenges are to be expected, and you will continue moving forward once your body catches up with your strong will! I am so proud of you and I can't wait until you can be at your house surrounded by familiar things and your family, instead of stuck in a hospital. I am trying to keep up with you in exercise, but I have to say, you put me to shame!!! Keep working and hopefully your tummy will feel better today! GO LISA!!
    Nurse Judy

  9. Dear Lisa,
    Given the speed that you have been making progress, I'm sure it isn't easy to accept any obstacles. It sounds as though the transition off the feeding tube along with the hospital food will require some adjusting. I know it won't be long before you will be on the road to your favorite foods though.
    The 5th graders enjoyed Camp Oakes. They came home tired but carrying some good camp stories.
    Now that camp and Open House are over, we're preparing for STAR testing.(As you might guess, everyone is thrilled!)
    DeJuan Campbell was selected by the staff to receive "the most inspirational student award" this year. Well deserved I think. When his father heard the news it brought tears to his eyes. He asks about you often.
    As much as we all miss you , the "LISA SPIRIT" is here driving everything good at Carver. Stay strong. You are getting closer every day!
    Love from Donna