Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Today, the physical therapists helped mom get into a wheel chair and let her cause a commotion as she wheeled herself around the room.

The procedure to remove the tube from her nose and place it in her stomach was successful, and she is now resting as the sedatives work their way out of her system.

The plan is to move mom to another unit within the hospital tomorrow that specializes in rapid recovery. From what we understand, she will have a rigorous physical therapy routine to keep up with.

As always, thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Melissa and the Fam


  1. Hi Lisa,
    This is great news. Pretty soon you will be walking around that room instead of wheeling yourself around. It must feel great to be moving and not stuck in the bed. I know you will work just as hard in your next phase of physical therapy. You are well on your way to complete recovery now. Yea!!!!
    Sandy Saldano

  2. Yay, you're kinda mobile again!! Wheelchair, then walking! Good work. Thanks so much for the news. I look forward to reading about your progress, Lisa, every day. Rest well and continue to work so hard. Lots of love and prayers, Leslie

  3. Hey Lisa, great to hear how much things are progressing. Before you know it you'll be doing laps around the corridor! Hang in there. Sounds like you're on your way to a speedy recovery! Hoping every day brings more comfort to you & good news to us!!!
    Love ya, Kath :)

  4. Hi Lisa--

    So glad to hear all of the positive news about your progress! That is outstanding. I know your move today will go well and give you a new outlook on your continued recovery. Take it easy in that wheelchair!
    Lots of love to you and your wonderful family!
    Wendy (Ebright)

  5. Oh noooooooo she's mobile again!!!! Hahahaha, oh Lisa, this reminds me of when you got to drive again!!!! I'm sure you are excellent at "wheelchair rolling" also. After all, you did maneuver Nina's power chair pretty well, from what you told me!!! This is awesome news and I hope now that the rubber hose is out, your swallowing will improve greatly! Now rest up, your personal trainers sound like they will have you up and about in no time! I'm so proud of you and excited about your great progress! I miss you and will keep up the prayers that I can tease you in person SOON!!!!!
    Nurse Judy

  6. Lisa,
    Maybe if you get good enough in the wheelchair the OI kids will let you into the basketball tournament! As far as keeping up with the PT routine: all I can say is "Watch out" and that's a message to the therapists, not Lisa!
    Kathleen J.

  7. Hi Lisa,

    I'm always so excited to check in on you, and see your progress. I think of you everyday, and am sooo happy for you. You will forever be in my prayers!
    Love you,
    Tammie (HRS)

  8. Way to go, Lisa!! This shows that you really have your spirit back. Now, I also know all those stories about you and Nina's chair are true!! You are making real progress. Everyone from Carver sends their love. The kids were so excited to hear your message at the assembly. Take good care. I look forward to more good news every day.
    Love to you and your family,