Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday April 23, 2009

Another day of work. They continue the intensive therapy with PT and OT twice a day and speech once a day. Her leg strength is a major focus as she continues to experience weakness. She continues to work hard and make progress every day.

Lisa continues to enjoy hearing your comments every day and she and the rest if us (the fam!)continue to appreciate the thoughts, prayers and encouragement.

Jim, Josh and Melissa


  1. Lis,
    Keep up the work and you will be home in no time! You are an inspiration for us all and we love you dearly.
    Love you lots,

  2. Lisa,

    You are doing great! Keep it up! Team Lisa is behind you all the way! Listen to the therapists and docs and keep working hard!

    You are AMAZING! Thanks to your family!

    Carrie de Leon

  3. No rest for the weary,huh? Keep your chin up, get your rest and kick butt! Lots of love and prayers, Love, Leslie

  4. Hi Lisa and Family,
    My computer was shut down for a week (got it fixed tonight) so enjoyed reading the updates. Lisa, so so proud of you, and praying for your speedy recovery every day. I think of constantly and miss you terribly. Love, love, love, Robyn

  5. Dearest Lisa and Family,
    Keep your chin up, Lisa, and the rest of you will follow! We're thinking of naming Room 5 the Mrs. Stephenson Room in honor of all your hard work in therapy. The work is certainly paying off--look at all your progress!
    Thank you all again for the updates--the time and effort are very much appreciated.
    Love, prayers, and positive energy from Monica

  6. Hey Kid, I have been following your progress and am so happy with your daily improvement. Bill Vogel and I were at a training in Oakland. We were waiting for our flight home and started talking about you. He thinks you are a very special person too. When I look back and think about my favorite time in was the 2nd floor at Robert Lous Stevenson and you were such a big part of that time. May God continue to bless you and your family. You are in my prayers.

    Tim (Room 15 I think)

  7. Dear Lisa,
    Ditto Tim Spivey on the best years ever on the second floor - orange carpeting with a smattering of black paint - at Stevenson. It was so much fun, and the friendships from that time are as strong as ever. Bumblebee costumes, angel costumes, mummies wrapped on symphony day, pea and peanut salad - need I say more? Every day brings new challenges and progress. Your strength amazes me and inspires me daily to do more and be better.
    I love you.
    Jackie Hugs to the fam too.

  8. Keep up the good work, kid. Looking forward to leaving some flowers on your front porch soon. Dan Barackman