Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday April 29, 2009

The results of last nights MRI indicated a blockage. Today Mom was scheduled for and endoscopic procedure to determine the cause of the blockage and relieve the obstruction. Unfortunately, due to the procedure she was unable to eat or drink and as a result was unable to take her meds. Mom's heart rate elevated and they were unable to perform the procedure.

They have moved Mom to the Telemetry unit to keep her monitored, while administering meds. Once Mom's heart rate has stabilized, they will reschedule the procedure. We expect that the procedure will happen within the next day or two.

Mom remains in good spirits and they will continue physical and occupational therapy while in the Telemetry unit.

Thank you all for your continued support, thoughts, and prayers!

Jim, Joshua, and Melissa


  1. Thank you for these updates. Lisa you are incredible and remain such a strong role model for all of us. God Bless! Keep up the good spirits. My prayers are constant for you and your family. Love, Barb Cabot

  2. Setbacks are a part of recovery. Be patient and know it is not always in our timing. You are wonderful! Keep the faith and stay strong. Love and Prayers, Leslie

  3. Well I'm sorry to hear about the delay in testing. Keeping my fingers crossed that all will go well and that they can do the procedure soon and then feed you something yummy! Hang in there and thank you SO much for the daily updates. We talk about you all the time @ Cubberley and everyone is so happy I can keep them in the "loop" b/c of the blogs. Stay positive, Kathy :)

  4. Dearest Lisa and Family,
    Keep your spirits up, and I know you'll soon be back in forward gear on your journey. Many extra prayers are on the way to help jump-start you again in a positive direction. So glad to hear that your doctors are on top of things, and doing the job of getting you well. Know that we are doing our part with so much love, many prayers, and positive thoughts and energy for you all every day.
    Looking forward to good news today,
    with love from Monica

  5. Dear Lisa,
    I am so thankful that Blue Shield approved the move and that you are receiving the best care under the watchful eyes of those around you. The rest of us just stand back and keep positive thoughts and send prayers your way. Your strength continues to amaze me, but I know where it comes from. We love you.
    Louie, Jackie, Jen, and Ryan

  6. Hang in there Lisa! Get over this hurdle and you'll be up and moving in no time. Plus, I'm sure that you miss that hospital food!! Yikes! Love to you.

  7. Don't let this get you down, you have come so far and I know you will continue to get better and better. As always, you are on my mind all the time and I continually send you my positive thoughts for a full recovery.
    Love, Tracy Hall