Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday April 02, 2009

Another good day for Lisa today. She had Speech and Physical Therapy today. She now feeds herself ice chips to practice swallowing and is showing improvement. She also stood-up briefly twice today with the assistance of her therapists and the sat in her chair for 30 minutes. Tomorrow morning the Doctor will insert the PEG tube and if all goes well she will transfer out of the respiratory hospital on Saturday into the Transitional Care Unit where they will focus on building her strength. Another step in the right direction!

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Jim, Josh and Melissa


  1. Awesome! You are doing really well, and it brightens my day to hear of your improvements. I'm so thankful that you are getting better, and I really appreciate the time your family puts in to keep us all up to date with your progress. You are loved and missed by many.
    We got our STAR award today, thank you for your kind words, your leadership is another component of Carver's success. You are the best.
    Love, Tracy Hall

  2. You are our shining STAR!!! I am so very happy to hear of your daily improvements! (thank you for all your updates!)
    You are definitely missed at Carver, we think about you daily, sending positive energy and thoughts your way, (and they are reaching you!!!) Keep working hard with all your therapy and we can't wait to see you soon.
    love, Nancy Hoyt

  3. Dear Lisa,
    Congratulations on the Star Award and your recovery - all good things coming your way.
    I will be away from my computer for a few days but will be checking in with Jen to keep track of your progress. Louie and The Visitor and I
    will be staying in a hotel while our house is being tented. I will be working on report cards while I am confined with the cat and while Lincoln is off track. I will be back in touch soon. Love you, Jackie and Louie

  4. Lisa you are our super STAR!! We sure felt your presence with us today during our award ceremony. When your "speech" was read, we all were so happy to have heard your voice! We miss you! Keep working hard and fighting on!

    Thank you again for the daily updates. I check often and love all the progress I am hearing! Thanks again!

    Carrie de Leon

  5. Dearest Lisa and Family,
    What great news of your ongoing progress--each step shortens the road! Keep up the hard work, as I know you will. You are amazing!
    Thank you once again, Clan Stephenson, for your diligence in keeping us updated. I can't begin to tell you how much it is appreciated!
    Love, prayers, and positive energy from Monica

  6. Dear Lisa,
    You were very much missed at the STAR awards assembly, but your spirit was definitely there with us and your message brought tears to many eyes! YOU, our strong and fearless leader, are a significant piece of what guided us to getting the award and it was wonderful to "hear your words". I am so thankful and happy to hear how well you are doing and look forward to the next "phase" of your journey. Remember to keep those nurses going and doing their jobs. Let them know your "Private Duty Nurse" will be checking on their quality of care!!!! Only the best for our Lisa!! Keep up the hard work and lots of love and thanks to your family for keeping us udated on your progress!
    Nurse Judy

  7. Lisa, even from your hospital bed you are a leader. Every day is special and every progress you make is unique and important! Love and miss you, Leslie

  8. Think of you every day as I sip my Irish Breakfast Tea, Lisa. So glad you are getting stronger every day. Lots of love,