Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday April 30, 2009

Today was spent doing a battery of tests and working on managing Lisa's heart rate down. They have been able to bring it down from where it was but still not down to where they would like it to be. No Physical or Occupational therapy as they wanted to keep her activity minimal while managing the heart rate. No procedure today but we are hopeful they will be able to perform it tomorrow. We will keep you posted.

We appreciate the prayers, thoughts and words of encouragement.

Jim,Josh and Melissa.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I know it must be frustrating having to wait to have your procedure done, but thank God for good doctors who want to make sure everythihg is working just right before they proceed. Hang in there, my dear friend. I just know there are better days ahead for you. Love and prayers,
    Sandy Saldano

  2. I guess you can look at this a little rest, but not too much... Hang in there. Once they figure this out they will have you working hard again. We want it that way so that you can work your way back here!
    Love, Tracy Hall

  3. Dear Lisa,
    I know that you can do this. I think of you so many times every day and wish that those thoughts could be more help to you. Strength from all of your friends and family will get you over this hurdle and back on that road to recovery and your goal to get home.
    Love you, Jackie
    To Jim, Josh, and Melissa - Your daily messages mean so much. Please take care of yourselves. Love you all. Jackie

  4. Dear Lisa, I know you will get over this little bump in the road and be back on the physical road to recovery soon...your doing so well, you've come so far!! Keep up the Team Lisa spirit and you will be home in no time..We miss you at Carver and wait to hear your progress. Love, Lynda

  5. Dear Lisa and Family,
    You know we are all lifting you up in prayer and that this "rest" will give you a chance to gather your strength so you can fly over the hurdle and run to the home stretch!!! You continue to inspire us with your perseverance. We will all continue to send prayers, positive thoughts and love your way. Go Lisa, the finish line is in view!!!
    Love you and Miss you,
    Nurse Judy