Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday April 27, 2009

Back to full schedule today. A couple of long walks for Lisa today along with her full regimen of exercises with both OT and PT and an hour sitting in her chair. They also had her stand at a table and shoot baskets(Nerf basketball)! She had to keep at it until she sank 5. Melissa brought her her favorite soup tonight from CPK so she finished off the day on a high note!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Jim, Josh & Melissa.


  1. I bet there a bunch of kids at school that would love to challenge you to a game of basketball when you get better :)

    Yay for soup from CPK! That had to taste WONDERFUL compared to all that "marvelous" hospital food.

    Keep up the good work. The kids are gearing up for testing this week, I'm sure they'll make you proud!



  2. What a sweet family you have. I bet you eating the soup made them as happy as it made you! Keep up the hard work! Lots of love and prayers, Leslie

  3. I guess the therapists were never told that Sunday is a day of rest! I think even I would eat (or at least try) soup from CPK over hospital food and I don't like soup!! I am sure it was delicious. As you know we are starting testing this week and don't worry there will be no modifications marked on the test books :)
    We miss you and look forward to the day we hear that you are on your way home.
    Love and prayers,

  4. Sorry I haven't been on in a few days but my computer's been acting up. First of all, Jim, you need to start lifting weights so you don't dare drop Lisa when lifting her! I'd say you reserve a spot in PT for you to assure her safety. Secondly, Lisa, I am SO happy to hear that you're able to eat again and that your strength is growing every day. Keep up the hard work & positive thoughts. I would LOVE to drop off a favorite meal for you...even if it's soup from CPK! Just say the word!
    :) Kath

  5. Dearest Lisa and Family,
    The good news continues--yeah! Glad to hear I will have a well-prepared assistant coach for the OI basketball season next year. Keep practicing--it's tough to keep up with our kiddies in their chairs and gait-trainers!
    You're getting closer to going home, so keep working hard and staying positive. Support continues all the way with love, prayers, and positive energy. Much love to you all, Monica

  6. WooooHooooo CPK!!!!!!!! You deserved that and more after sinking all those free throws! Just don't leave us to sign up for the Lakers! I'm sooo happy to hear how well you are doing and that you are back at your full schedule. Make sure all those who come into contact with you wash their hands and if anyone is sniffling or coughing, don't let them near you. We are gearing up for testing and the kids all want to make you proud! Take care and keep up the hard work! Jim, Josh, and Melissa thanks for keeping us informed and Lisa fed and loved!
    Nurse Judy